BYO By The Numbers

Reach the largest audience of homebrewers anywhere… 50,000+ readers every issue! Our homebrewers throughout North America will spend over $47.4 million in 2024 on supplies and equipment. Reach the largest audience of homebrewers with us in 2024!

  • 50,000+ readers every issue
  • Over $47.4 million spent by readers annually on homebrew supplies and equipment.
  • 205,103 advised by readers on homebrew purchases each year.
  • 3,286,643 gallons of homebrew made per year by readers.
  • Over $46.6 million spent annually by readers on craft and import beer.
  • 420,210 people advised by readers on craft and import beer purchases each year.
  • 42% of readers rely on Brew Your Own as their only homebrew publication.
  • 500,000 new subscription promos planned for 2024.
  • 3,000 newsstand and retail outlets carry Brew Your Own.
  • 80% of readers have purchased a product in the last year as a direct result of a Brew Your Own advertisement.

Brew Your Own is the #1 selling homebrew magazine!

In the past 28 years we’ve sent out over 22.7 million subscription offers and we don’t plan on slowing down in 2024. Our aggressive marketing programs and strong editorial content are how we continue to reach more homebrewers than our competition. We now sell 38,400+ copies of BYO every issue. With our passalong readership that means over 50,000 brewing hobbyists will see your advertisement in every issue! Plus, our paid circulation is larger than any of our competitors’. You get more impressions for your money with BYO advertising!

Reap the benefits of our aggressive marketing plans for 2024

We invest in promotions like no other magazine in the industry to deliver new prospects for you.

  • Internet Promotions – Online subscription offers will run on, our own, and other beer websites.
  • Direct Mail Campaigns – Over 300,000 new subscriber pieces will be mailed
  • Newsstand Promotions – We will add to our current network of over 2,850 bookstores and 150 homebrew shops carrying our magazines. Plus we will invest in special in-store promotions with large bookstore chains such as: Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, and Chapters.
  • Gift Promotions – Over 100,000 direct mail pieces will be sent during the holiday months to BYO subscribers encouraging gift subscriptions to their brewing friends and relatives.

Editorial: Packed with Information and Keeping the Fun in the Homebrewing Hobby

BYO is fun as well as informative. We get dozens of emails every month and they say the same thing: “This magazine is written just for me. It is easy to read, I always learn something.”

Our pages are loaded with reader tips, recipes, pro brewer tips & techniques, and interesting homebrew set-ups.

Reader Survey Active Hobbyists:

  • Each BYO reader makes on the average 9 batches a year.
  • Spends an average of $949 a year on homebrew equipment and supplies.
  • Spends an average of $932 per year purchasing craft and import beers.

Influential Buyers:

  • Each reader advises an additional 4.1 other people a year regarding their selection of homebrew equipment and supplies and has influenced 5.1 other people to start homebrewing.

Buying Power:

  • Average household income $132,819
  • 80% have purchased, or plan to purchase, a product directly as a result of an advertisement in BYO.
  • 42% of our subscribers rely on BYO as their only homebrew magazine.

BYO Advertising Delivers

  • Last year 87% of BYO advertisers ran in multiple issues and 25% ran full year contracts. They didn’t run on long-term contracts because we’re nice guys (which we think we are) – they ran because advertising in BYO really works!
  • BYO advertisers receive hotlinks on so readers can learn more about your products right away. This service is FREE!

Circulation Story 38,475 Paid Copies

We promote heavily with direct mail and on the newsstand to find you new customers. Our efforts have paid off. We continue to attract more new hobbyists as subscribers than our competitors.

15,075 Paid Print Subscribers

BYO has always actively promoted subscriptions through direct mail. In 2023, we will send out 300,000 new subscription pieces.

10,275 Paid Digital Members

Through our digital memberships, 10,275 people are enjoying our great brewing content on their computers, Apple devices like iPhones and iPads, Android tablets and phones, and more!

13,125 Copies Sold on Newsstand & Homebrew Shops

BYO is sold in thousands of locations, including virtually every major bookstore chain and key newsstand in North America. Plus, you can find BYO in hundreds of homebrew shops around the world.

Each copy sold has an additional .3 person pass-along readership.

Total readership over 50,000 per issue!

For more information about advertising please contact us at [email protected] or call us at (802) 362-3981.

Homebrew Supply Directory Listing

List your homebrew retail store in our Homebrew Supply Directory so our readers find you in the pages of Brew Your Own magazine. Organized by state complete with your website, e-mail address, physical address, phone contact information, and a caption to set your store apart. Sign Up Here Today!

  • 2-year listing: $500 per retail location (you’ll be listed online AND in Brew Your Own magazine’s Homebrew Directory)
  • One-year listing: $275 per retail location (you’ll be listed online AND in Brew Your Own magazine’s Homebrew Directory)
  • Six-month listing: $150 per retail location
  • Online only (1-year): $150 per retail location