2019 Homebrew Father’s Day Gift Guide

Welcome to the BYO Homebrew Father’s Day Gift Guide. Happy hunting!

Looking For A System Upgrade?

Depending whether you’re looking bigger or smaller, here are some great options.

Perfectly sized for smaller spaces, with a small foot print and while allowing full brewing capabilities . . . The Grainfather is a perfect gift for dads.
Sabco has been making brewing systems for over 20 years. For those looking to go big with an electrical brew system, they now have their Premier system available. Their BrewMagic line has systems large and small for use with natural gas and propane as well.

Your One Stop Shop

For brewing-related items big or small, ingredients, kits, or gifts — pay a visit

Fom homebrewer to pro brewer, Atlantic Brew Supply has everything you need. Use the code BYO19 for 15% off your order.

Focal Pieces

Every beer cave needs some beer related paraphernalia.

Every homebrewer will love this hop chart, with over 90 hop varieties, displaying each hops’ essential oil and resin components. Use discount code BREWYOUROWN20 for 20% off.

Equipment Gift Ideas

Homebrewers at their core are tinkerers . . . and equipment upgrades are always in the back of their minds. Here are several great upgrade ideas.

Give your well crafted home brew the respect it deserves and say bye, bye, plastic! Transfer flawlessly every time with the worlds only 304 Stainless Steel and High Temperature Silicone auto siphon. With dramatically increased flow rates, absolutely no air bleeds, simple break down and superior sanitation potential we’re confident this will be the last transfer tool you’ll ever need. Don’t wait till your next batch, get one today! 15% off by using the code: DadIsRad
The Clear Beer Draught System is a patented floating intake that replaces your kegs long dip tube. It’s designed to draw beer from the top surface of the beer in the keg. That is where the clearest, cleanest, best tasting beer is.
Homebrewers know that beer is 90% water and the quality and mineral content of the water can have a large effect on the beer’s flavor. Never let your homebrewer be without knowledge of the mineral content of he water they are brewing with — the BrewLab kits by LaMotte test 8 important water test factors.
The magic of the Exchilerator is in our proprietary co-helical wrap on the interior and our industry first PEX shell. The wrap causes your cooling water to tumble, providing the maximum surface contact possible against the heated copper coil as your wort flows through it. The Hangover™ is an easy way to upgrade any kettle, keggle, or cooler with any 1/2″ NPT port.