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Updated September 1, 2021

Homebrew News

Untrained Beer Tasters Can Distinguish Different Barley Types

Photo courtesy of Evan Craine/Washington State University

Researchers at Washington State University set about to test four new breeds of barley that they developed by gathering a large group of beer drinkers to taste SMaSH (single malt and single hop) beers brewed using those four new barley strains. They compared the new varietals against a beer with the high-quality and popular Copeland strain of barley. While the trained beer drinkers were easily able to distinguish between the five beers, what surprised researchers most was that even a large group of untrained beer drinkers could distinguish the differences. Some beers contained “fruity and sweet aromatic” flavors while another one had “citrus” qualities according to panelists. They found that tasters preferred the newer varietals more than the Copeland. Keep your eyes out for news about the release of these new varietals from maltsters.

2020 Craft Beer Sales

Photo courtesy of

The Brewers Association released their 2020 Craft Brewing Industry Production Report, which showed something that most folks were expecting given the business climate last year. In the U.S., craft beer sales fell by 9% year-over-year compared to 2019 with draught sales down more than 40%. Given the COVID-19 pandemic and taproom closures for long durations across many regions, this news is not all that surprising for most in the industry. Craft beer sales represented about 24% of overall beer sales market share in 2020.

One thing is for sure, craft brewers of all sizes, but most notably the small, taproom-focused craft brewers found they needed to diversify, adapt, and grow more business savvy in order to compete and reach customers. The number of craft brewers in the U.S. continued to climb with 716 new breweries opening doors while 346 closed, bringing the total number of operating breweries in the country to an all-time high of 8,764, according to the report.

What’s New

Dry Run Protection On Blichmann Riptide™ Pumps

Brewers who utilize pumps in their brewhouse often fear that noise; the high-pitch screeching noise when the pump loses prime and the pumphead runs dry. It can melt and warp the impeller head, seizing the pump if left on too long. This can also damage performance if left dry in shorter stints. Blichmann Engineering now offers dry run protection on all of its RipTide™ pump models. This new version utilizes a carbon fiber impeller that can withstand the intense heat caused by having the pumphead dry while the impeller is spinning. Due to supply chain issues, these impellers are only available in new pumps, but Blichmann Engineering does plan to sell them as an upgrade in the future. Learn more at

SafCider Yeast

Fermentis has announced a new line of yeast strains geared specifically for cidermakers. There are many different ways to produce a cider across the globe and there are many cidermakers who want to innovate and create a new style of cider to feed diversity in this cider world. Different cider styles require different technical demands on the yeast when picking a yeast strain for your cider. To make this selection process easier for the cidermaker, Fermentis has created four new cider strains to obtain the cider profile they desire. SafCider AB-1 for balanced ciders, SafCider AC-4 for fresh and crisp cider, SafCider AS-2 to bring sweetness to your cider, and SafCider TF-6 to maximize the fruitiness of your ciders. These strains are available in 5-g sachets for cider production at home. To discover more visit

Anvil Oxygen Free Transfer Kit

For use with their Crucible™ conical fermenters and stainless steel bucket fermenters, the new Oxygen Free Transfer Kit from Anvil Brewing Equipment creates a closed loop environment for the transfer of your homebrews. The transfer starts with a purged Corny keg. The beer is filled from the bottom as the CO2 from the keg cycles to the top of the fermenter. The kit contains a 4-ft. (1.2-m) liquid hose, a 5-ft. (1.5-m) gas hose, a liquid ball-lock disconnect, 90° polypropylene elbow, gas ball-lock disconnect, and all the necessary connections to create the closed loop. Retail price is $35 and more information can be found at:

LalBrew Farmhouse

A new yeast hybrid called LalBrew Farmhouse is the result of the research and development work of Renaissance Biosciences in Vancouver, British Columbia. Both lab and field trials have confirmed this yeast as unique, performant, and displaying a desirable saison flavor profile. The Renaissance research team used classical and non-GMO science to produce a strain that did not have the STA1 gene, responsible for the diastatic activity of traditional saison yeast strains. Care was taken to retain normal brewing sugar utilization to produce dry saisons. Additionally, the patented technology from UC-Davis ensures that the strain will not produce sulfurous off-flavors, therefore enhancing the saison yeast’s aroma characteristics.

BeerSmith Web-Based Recipe Editor

BeerSmith has two new announcements, first is a web-based version of BeerSmith 3 along with a desktop BeerSmith 3.2 update. BeerSmith Web lets you to edit your cloud-based recipes from anywhere by simply logging into your cloud account at This new web-based layout can be utilized on your desktop, tablet, and phone/mobile devices. This new service is a free upgrade to all Gold, Platinum, and Professional BeerSmith 3 license holders. There is a free 30-day trial available for new users along with online tutorials to help get you get started. When you purchase a Gold, Platinum, or Professional license for BeerSmith you get access to both the web-based recipe editor and the latest desktop program. Learn more at:

Mangrove Jack’s M12 Kveik Yeast

A top fermenting yeast, Voss kveik offers fast fermentation at very high temperatures while retaining a neutral flavor character with subtle citrus fruit notes. M12 Kveik Yeast is suitable for a range of styles from Norwegian farmhouse ales to hop-forward beers like IPAs. This is both a high attenuation and high flocculation yeast strain that brewers can ferment in the range of 68–104 °F (20–40 °C), but for optimal results between 86–104 °F (30–40 °C).

Cryo Pop™ Blend

Using advanced chemical identification tools, Yakima Chief has developed a new hop pellet blend that is meant to provide strong tropical, stone fruit, and citrus aromas. While designed for single-hop usage, brewers can opt to blend with other hops as well in order to enhance and elevate the characteristics of other varieties. Cryo Pop™ pellets, formerly known as TRI2304CR, are well suited for loading whirlpool and active fermentation dry hop additions with these characteristics, thus creating an environment for yeast and hops to provide maximum aroma expression.

Brewing With Cannabis

A new book from Brewers Publications introduces the convergence of marijuana and brewing in the modern craft beer movement. Learn about the agriculture and biology of cannabis, unique characteristics of the plant, and the similarities between cannabis and hop plants. Delve into how and why the plant produces compounds such as cannabinoids and terpenes, how they function, and how to incorporate them into homebrew and commercial beer recipes.

PBW Tablets

Five Star Chemicals is now offering their PBW cleanser in tablet form. There are two tablet sizes available in two different packaging sizes, which means brewers have four different options to choose from. The 2.5 g tablets are to be dissolved in 32 oz., or one qt. (0.95 L) water, for smaller cleaning jobs. The 10 g tablets are designed to be dissolved in one gallon (3.8 L) water. They are effective in both hard and soft water profiles and work in a range of temperatures. Learn more at

New Omega Yeast Strains

Two new ale yeast strains from Omega Yeast, Bananza and Sundew, should be of interest to brewers who are after strong ester characters. Bananza is a hefeweizen strain that has been bred to be POF- (phenolic off-flavor negative). This provides the banana esters, without the clove-like phenolics. Sundew is similar, except it is a Belgian ale yeast strain bred to be POF-. This provides the berry and stone fruit ester character, again without the spicy phenolics. Find out more at

Blichmann G4 Fermenter

Blichmann Engineering has announced the release of their new G4 conical Fermenator. They went back to the drawing board to redesign their conical from the ground up. The G4 Fermenator’s standard features include welded tri-clamp fittings, pressure-rated to 15 psi, aseptic racking arm, brushed exterior and polished interior, plus several additional features available. You can find out more at

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