Beer Style: American Lager

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Doughboy Draught


Late WWI American-style Pilsner

Joseph Schlitz Brewing Company: Schlitz Gusto (circa 1960’s) clone


1960’s-style American Pilsner, a clone of “The Beer That Made Milwaukee Famous”

JM’s Peach Ginger Lager


A basic Lager, with honey, peaches, and fresh ginger.

Older But Wiser American Pilsner


American Pilsners have little malt flavor, hop character or body. But, these elements are balanced and there are no faults. To make a good American Pilsner, you need to make a highly fermentable, high-adjunct wort, pitch plenty of yeast and hold the fermentation temperature constant.

The 10 Hardest Beer Styles to Homebrew


Witbier. Wee Heavey. Tripel. Schwartzbier. Gueze. Eisbock. Dry Stout. Berliner Weisse. American Pilsner – are these the 10 most difficult styles for a homebrewer to pull off? They won’t be after reading our recipes and tips for success.

Black Steam


A steam beer seems like the perfect style to schwarz-up. Here is a recipe to get you there.

American Pilsner


If barley be wanting to make into malt, We must be content and think it no fault, For we can make liquor to sweeten our lips, Of pumpkins, and parsnips, and walnut-tree

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