Beer Style: American Strong Ale

Includes American-style barleywines, wheatwines as well as several barrel-aged beer.

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Imperial Stormtrooper IPA

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Foam Ranger Jimmy Paige took first place in the 2000 Dixie Cup with an Imperial IPA which he claims was more “like an American Barleywine at the time it was judged.” Aged approximately 7 months old at judging, Jimmy claims he named the beer Imperial Stormtrooper because “that was the only thing I could think of with the word ‘Imperial’ in it.”

Gold Finger (James Blonde Barleywine)


This unconventional Barleywine is light in color but non-compro­mising in strength. It could also be called James Blonde.

Old Glory Barleywine

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An no-fuss, extract only Barleywine recipe.

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