Beer Style: Bock Family

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Decoction Mashing Explained

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Looking to maximize your maltiness? Try boiling your mash! This age-old brewing technique is explained.

Chip Off the Old Bock — The American Adaptation of Bock Beer

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Old World bockbier has a New World cousin —American bock. Once a seasonal offered by nearly every American brewery, now a year-round beer style of a few regional breweries; this beer style appears to have found a niche.

Brewing Doppelbock: Tips from the Pros


Dan Carey of New Glarus and Alec Mull of Kalamazoo offer doppelbock tips (and recipes).

Aventinus Weizenbock clone


Weizenbock is a strong, wheat-based Bock Lager.

Brewing Maibock: Tips from the Pros

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Maibock is potent, but it’s also fragile. It’s a big beer, yet it’s a lager, which makes it vulnerable to temperature spikes

Eisbock: Brew the Beer Money Can’t Buy

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Delicious eisbock is expensive to produce on a large scale and must be aged. The unwillingness of larger breweries to produce it gives it a mystique, and it makes a great addition to any brewer’s beer cellar.

Bock in Four Movements

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Learn how to make popular and traditional bock styles including helles, maibock, weizenbock, and dopplebock.

Winterbock (Wintergreen Doppelbock)

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The bright flavors from wintergreen combined with a solid Doppelbock recipe…you’re welcome.


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Doppelbock traces its history to a monastic brewery founded in 1634 in the Bavarian town of Munich. To sustain them during periods of religious fasting such as Lent and Advent, the Pauline monks drank a dark, sweet beer called Sankt Vater Bier or Holy Father Beer. If eating and drinking nothing but doppelbock for four

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