Beer Style: European Amber Lager

Includes such styles as Märzens, Vienna Lagers, Kellerbiers, and Czech Amber Lagers.

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Sudwerks’ Hubsch Marzen clone

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According to Sudwerk’s website, “Choice hops and five different specialty malts are combined to produce this rich, amber and copper-toned lager. Sweeter in flavor than Sudwerk’s other core offerings, the Märzen has a full robust character with a smooth, zen-like finish.”


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I vant to drink your beer…

Milk Chocolate Marzen

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Chocolate-shake Marzen? Why not? Lactose sugar and a healthy dose of cocoa powder and fat free chocolate syrup provide plenty of milk chocolate experience.

Black Forest Lager (chocolate-cherry lager)


Chocolate and cherry are one of the great pairings in culinary history…so why not make a beer to pair them up? Author Scott Russell thought a European amber would be a great base to lay the foundation for this beer.

Maple Marzen


A märzen beer is the perfect base to highlight the earthy qualities of maple sap and syrup. Alternatively, you could try fermenting with a clean ale yeast if you are not equipped to ferment a beer at lager temps for several weeks. Birch sap and syrup can also be used if maple sap and syrup are not available in your region.

Märzen and Oktoberfest

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A recipe and a how-to brewing guide to Marzen, the beer that’s so special Germans brew it in March and don’t serve it until fall.

Cafe Vienna Lager (coffee cinnamon lager)


This recipe is for a dark lager with coffee and spices.


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Brew Now for Oktoberfest

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