Beer Style: European Dark Lager

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Dave Helt’s Schwarzbier


Winner of the Best of Show, Drunk Monk Challenge (735 entries). Despite fermented with an ale strain of yeast, a long lagering step helps added a smooth quality to this beer

Dixie Blackened Voodoo Lager clone


Dark lager? Must be voodoo….Try this clone from Louisiana based Dixie Brewing Co.

Munich Dunkel


Let’s get old school and go back to a time when people used pencil and paper, rotary phones and brewed Munich dunkel.

The 10 Hardest Beer Styles to Homebrew


Witbier. Wee Heavey. Tripel. Schwartzbier. Gueze. Eisbock. Dry Stout. Berliner Weisse. American Pilsner – are these the 10 most difficult styles for a homebrewer to pull off? They won’t be after reading our recipes and tips for success.

The Beers of Franconia, Germany


Nestled in northern Bavaria, this  region of Germany is home to a startling diversity of beer styles.



A dark German wheat beer and a golden Trappist ale walk into a bar… PLUS – The Year in Brew

Munich Dark Lager


At one time probably all the beers of Munich were dark lagers. Prior to modern malting technology, maltsters kilned their malt by allowing the hot fumes from burning wood or coal to

31 result(s) found.