Beer Style: German and Czech Pilsners

Includes both Czech and German-style Pilsner recipes

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Gordon Strong’s German Pilsner


This German Pilsner recipe can be used as a template for any hoppy Pilsner. Replace bittering hops with a first wort hop addition of a flavor hop, move flavor and aroma hops to the whirlpool or dry hopping, and alter the variety of hops to match the target profile for the style.

Victory Brewing Co.’s PrimaPils clone


Victory Brewing Co.’s award-winning, amped up German Pilsner with fresh noble hop aroma, bracing hop dryness, gentle malt character, and ultra clean fermentation.

Strike Brewing Co.’s Beat the Heat clone


Beat the Heat is an ode to the fastball — or at least an ode to a faster lager fermentation. Primary fermentation is started near ale temperatures and with yeast pitch rates that allow for a faster start, less yeast biomass requirements, and slight fruity esters that are produced in the first 24 hours.

Bierstadt Lagerhaus’ Slow Pour Pils clone


Slow Pour Pils is aptly named due to the 5-min duration that a proper, multi-step pour of it demands. What you’ll be rewarded with is a strikingly clear, straw-colored beer served in Bierstadt’s trademarked tall, narrow glass. Search as hard as you’d like, you won’t find a fault. Instead, the high-quality German Pils malt and hops, specifically Hallertau Mittelfrüh, shine brightly. Dry biscuit, crackery malt, and hints of honey more than support the white pepper and floral hops. It’s decidedly bitter with a dry, crisp finish that encourages the drinker to immediately take another sip.

German Pils


This beer is hearty but very drinkable. It is hop-spicy upfront, with a solid mouthfeel and a crisp finish. Many German breweries nowadays make a Pils with much less hop character and a lower gravity than specified here, but this recipe is closer to the original guidelines for making this beer as it might have been brewed in the 19th century.

German Pilsner By Brian Bergquist


BOS-winning homebrew recipe, brewed by Brian Bergquist. Winner of the 10th Annual Virginia Beer Blitz (Hampton, Virginia: 383 entries)

New Zealand Pilsner


This pale lager combines some of the better attributes of Pilsner and Kölsch with intriguing modern New Zealand hops.

Pilsner Geben Frei


A gluten-free Pilsner-styled beer that is brewed wtih Saaz hops to provide the crucial spicy aroma and character to this beer.

Bohemian Pilsner (Michael Agnew)


Michael won Gold in 2010 in the National Homebrew Competition (NHC) with this recipe.

Bohemian Pilsner (James Golovich)


James won Best of Show at the 2008 Grant County Fair with this recipe.

Bohemian Pilsner (Ted Hausotter)


Ted has won several awards for this recipe, the best of which was second place Best of Show at the Masters Championship of Amateur Brewing (MCAB) in 2000.

Bohemian Pilsner (Randy Scorby)


This recipe was the runner up Best of Show at the 2014 Central Oregon Homebrewer’s Organization Spring Fling in Bend, Oregon with this recipe.

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