Beer Style: German Ale

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Bozeman Brewing Company: Bozone Hefeweizen clone

2010 North American Beer Awards bronze medal winner is an American version of a German classic wheat beer. Bozeman uses Montana-grown malted pale barley, but if you can’t source that, any 2-row should work.
German Ale, Wheat Beer
All Grain, Extract with Grains

JC’s Roggenbier

German Ale
All Grain, Partial Mash

Sly Fox Brewing Co.’s Altbier clone

According to Sly Fox Brewing Co.'s website, "A smooth, medium bodied German-style ale. A specialty of the city of Düsseldorf, with a perfect blend and balance of four German malts and three noble hop varieties."
German Ale, Kolsch and Altbier
All Grain

3 result(s) found.