Beer Style: India Pale Ale

Advancements in Dry Hopping

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Research has changed the way we dry hop. Dry hopping has been a regular brewing technique for nearly two centuries. As you may know, around 1822 beer was first sent from England in wooden casks to the British army in India. The beer had recently been switched from a lower alcohol porter that was spoiling

Craze for the Haze: New England IPAs

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Centered in the northeastern corner of the USA, the hazy IPA has taken on a cult following in recent years. But the trend hasn’t come without backlash. In fact there is no shortage of opinions among craft beer enthusiasts these days about the haze craze. To those that enjoy this brand of IPA, the hazy

Award-Winning American IPA Recipes


America’s favorite style of craft beer of late is pretty easy to name: IPA. Those three letters can sell almost anything, market analysis tells us year after year. Over time, the IPA

Lompoc Brewing Company’s C-Sons Greetings Ale: Replicator

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Dear Replicator, I think I found my favorite holiday beer even though most people wouldn’t think this is a beer style for winter. Last Thanksgiving we drove up north to Portland, Oregon to spend the holiday with relatives. I had a free day to check out some of the brewpubs in the city and happened

Bale Breaker Brewing Company’s Top Cutter IPA: Replicator

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Dear Replicator, I recently visited Seattle. one beer especially caught me as soon as I opened the can with a wonderful hop aroma that kept my attention until the last drop. Can you provide a clone recipe for Bale Breaker Brewery’s Top Cutter IPA? Isaac Belcher Danville, Indiana Every year one the largest hop brokers

Specialty IPAs

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by the numbers OG, FG, SRM, IBU, ABV will vary. The BJCP is currently considering three strength categories: Session:3.0–5.0 ABV Standard:5.0–7.5% ABV Double:7.5–9.5% ABV When I started brewing, there was only one style category for India pale ale. Just a single category, no subcategories. Several years later, people had begun talking about the differences between

Brewing All-Brett IPA

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Beer historian Ron Pattinson, of the blog Shut Up About Barclay Perkins, is famous for writing about the longevity of ideas in the brewing community. His research provides some necessary grounding to the lofty ambitions of today’s inventive craft brewers, who are fond of re-inventing the wheel and then arguing about what to call it.

Historical Homebrew – HammerSmith Ales

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The history of the city of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania is inextricably linked with brewing. At some city festivals, for instance, you might witness the resurrection of 19th-century Moravian city brewer-turned-mayor Johann Sebastian Goundie. In reality, the man behind the kettle is Christopher Bowen, a modern day brewing Renaissance man. A prodigious homebrewer, Bowen has become a

IPA 2.0: The Continued Evolution

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Brewing the beer style known as IPA (India pale ale) has, at times, become a game of one-upmanship in which each succeeding brew gets more hops, more malts, more alcohol — more of all the good stuff we love about beer. Here on the West Coast, we keep pushing the limits of this beloved style

Brewing Hoppy American-Style Beers

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During the past 20 years or so, there has been an obvious upward trend in modern American brewing culture when it comes to the creation and consumption of hoppy beers. Hoppy American-style pale ales have given way to even hoppier American IPAs, and American double IPAs have pushed hop character to its limits. So why

American IPA

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AMERICAN INDIA PALE ALE OG = 1.050  FG = 1.012 IBUs = 40 to 60+ SRM = 8 to 14  India pale ale originated in England in the late 18th century. These beers were shipped overseas to the troops and the rulers of the British Empire in India. They were brewed with a high gravity

Peachtree IPA

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Peachtree IPA (5 gallons/19 L, all-grain) OG = 1.063  FG = 1.012 IBU = 66  SRM = 9 ABV = 6.7% Ingredients 11.75 lbs. (5.3 kg) US 2-row pale malt 1.4 lbs. (0.64 kg) Munich malt (9 °L) 13 oz. (0.36 kg) crystal malt (20 °L) 9 oz. (0.25 kg) crystal malt (40 °L) 16.3

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