Beer Style: Porter

Glutinous Butt (Wheat Porter)

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This beer is essentially a porter formulated with a wheat beer base. (The name comes from the fact that wheat has a high gluten content compared to barley and some porters used to be referred to as entire or entire butt.) The Glacier hops give an “earthy” hop flavor to the beer that works well with the roasted grains. Brew this and, at your next homebrew club meeting, everyone will be glad to see your Glutinous Butt.

Alaskan Brewing Co.’s Smoked Porter clone

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Dark, robust, and smoky when young, this porter develops notes of sherry, Madeira, and raisin as it ages. It has a chewy malt character and is chocolaty with a smoky, oily finish.

Sinebrychoff Porter clone

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From simple ingredients comes massive complexity. Robust toasty notes meet and blend with dark fruits and chocolate. The vinous, port-like character from this brute wraps everything up in a dark happy bow.

Big Sky Brewing Co.’s Missoula Five-O Chocolate Coconut Imperial Porter clone

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Recipe was created by Zoo City Zymurgist member Bill Ruediger, who won the Community Brew contest hosted by Big Sky Brewing Co. The winner of the contest brews a commercial-sized batch at Big Sky. The beer’s proceeds were donated half to the brew club and half to a charity of the club’s choosing. Bill’s winning beer was inspired by a chocolate coconut porter at Maui Brewing Co. fresh off the taps. It took him eleven batches to finally find the winning combination.

Hot Chocolate Porter

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Part of our aphrodisiac Valentine’s beer recipe round-up. This recipe is a little sweet and a little spicy, just the way many of us like it.

Gato Negro

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This beer placed second in the PALEALES homebrew club’s Valentine’s Day themed homebrew competition. “It was a black beauty of a beer with a thick, café au lait head and a rounded milk chocolate flavor.”

Regan Dillon Porter

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“This was my first porter recipe!” — Jamil Zainasheff

Robust Porter


Roasty, hoppy, frequently with a healthy dose of caramel sweetness, robust porter is a dark, satisfying brew.

Black Passion Porter

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Porters are easy beers to make, partly because the style is subject to widely variant interpretations. Much might depend, for example, on whether you plan to brew an 18th century porter or a contempory version. A porter from the 1750s, for instance, might be called an “Imperial Stout” these days. Porters are slightly less full-bodied than stouts (when brewed by the same brewer) but they are still very full-flavored brews. Small variations may not be easily noticed, so it’s a forgiving style.
– Byron Burch, The Beverage People — Santa Rosa, California

Tod’s Boisterous Porter

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A trip back to Victorian England for the birth of robust porter complete with tips and recipes.

BridgePort Brewing Company: Pub Porter clone

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BridgePort’s dark and malty porter is only sold on draught at their Portland, Oregon pub.

RCH Brewery’s Old Slug Porter clone

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A session-style English brown porter that despite its low gravity has deep flavors of dark chocolate, blackcurrant and tawny port. One of the very best brown porters of which most people have never heard of.

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