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Hot Tips for Making Great Smoked Beers

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From using extract to smoking your own malt, here’s how to do it.

Smoked Maple Brown Ale

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“Kick Save, and a Beauty…” by Scott R. Russell  I had a fairly athletic upbringing. All of my male relatives were sports fans, and I can’t remember ever not being one myself. My great-grandmother would read me the sports pages when I was very young, and my grandmother was a huge hockey fan. I went

Rosemary IPA

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I have an alter ego, a secret identity, in short a day job. I’m a high-school French teacher. Pretty mundane, sometimes, but that’s one of the reasons I make my own beer. It’s also one of the reasons I am able to make my own beer — time. A teacher’s schedule is wonderful. I have

Take Heart with Winter Warmers


These seasonal beers were traditionally served to warm the body and soul with their herbs, spices, and high alcohol content. Recipes included for spruce beer, wassail, and a brew to fight off Old Man Winter.

Smoked Wee Heavy

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Long, slow, and cool fermentation is a crucial element for this beer, which otherwise gets too fruity and bitter; the smoked malt can develop fusel and/or sulfury notes if overdone or if fermented too warm. Hop levels are deliberately low; this beer is all about malt.


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Partial mash with honey and fruit juice.

Brewing Hempen Ale

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The brewer who developed Hempen Ale and Hempen Gold tells us how he created the popular and controversial beers.


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Golden colored, full-bodied, smooth, and rich. An ale to be aged well, saved for special occasions, and even then to be savored slowly.

Charlie’s Gouden-Plenty Pils

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Licorice root provides a refreshing herbal spice for this Pilsner base beer.

Dubbel Trubbel

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Here is my recipe for a spiced dubbel, not patterned after any one commercial example but rather an amalgam of several but with a bit of a twist. It is moderately strong, medium dark, spicy from both the yeast and the flavorings added. I recommend aging it well, trying it several different times over the course of a couple of years. In effect you will probably find that you have brewed several different small batches in one, as the flavors really evolve over time.

Funky Mead — Metheglin

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Mead is, of course, easier to brew than beer, although it takes much longer for it to become drinkable, 13 months in this case. Part Belgian witbier, part mead, this is a nice introduction to the world of spiced meads, known as methglin.

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Haystack Wheat

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A Belgian wheat beer base with equal parts coriander, cumin, ginger, wintergreen, and star anise; ground and mixed thoroughly to add just a hint of spice.

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