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Pumpkin Pie Ale (partial mash)


Reddish orange in color, creamy tan head, sweet and spicy, rich and unique. Like a New England fall afternoon.

Make Your Own Cider


Cider. The word has mythological overtones, especially in rural areas where it is or was made. But just what is it? What differentiates it from mere “apple juice”? After all, technically, unfermented

Apple Pseudo-Lambic

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You don’t need to be an all-grain to create funky, sour lambic-styled beers. Here is a clean and simple recipe for a new take on producing a lambic-styled beer of your own.

Fruit Beer

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I have an old photograph at home, taken at the Weinhard Brewery here in Portland, Oregon in 1906. The brewmaster is posed in front of the brew kettle in high collar, tie, and jacket, handlebar mustache brushed and waxed.  The jacket, tie, and his bowler hat are clearly symbols of rank; the other brewery workers

Cherry Witbier


Add a nice twist to a classic witbier recipe by adding a fruit like cherries instead of orange peel. This recipe is a great starting place to build your own unique witbier recipe.

497 result(s) found.