Beer Style: Stout Family

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Cream/Sweet Stout


OG = 1.035 to 1.066 FG = 1.010 to 1.022 IBUs = 20 to 40 SRM 35+ Cream or milk stouts are English in origin. In response to the popularity of Guinness,



Barleywine has an undeniable mystique; it is unique as a style and experience. Each year’s vintage is anxiously awaited to sample and to savor. Each brewer has his own special methods, ingredients,

Superior Stout


A good stout begins with a classic coffee-like flavor, says Owen Hutchins. From there it’s a matter of manipulating the recipe to include an array of subtle flavors. Hutchins is the head

Pumpernickel Stout


It is rich and dark but not black like an Irish stout. Sweeter than most stouts but with the unmistakable double tang of rye and caraway.

Brewing Big Barleywines


The Cabernet Sauvignon of Beers

Bitter Chocolate Imperial Stout


The bitter chocolate in this Imperial Stout accents the hops and grain.

Oatmeal Stout


Brew the beer that’s rich, smooth, and filling. Just like Mom used to make!

Simplify Your Stout: Tips from the Pros


Brewer:  Fal Allen Brewery:  The Pike Brewing Co., Seattle Years of experience:  Eight Education:  Attended several courses at the Siebel Institute in Chicago and has been homebrewing for 12 years House Beers:

Oysters and Stout


He was a bold man, who first ate an oyster,” so the quote goes. The words have been attributed to Jonathan Swift, Dean Swift, and King James I. Whoever coined it, said

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