Beer Style: Strong Ale Family

Full Sail Brewing Co.’s Wassail clone

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This deep mahogany winter warmer is a 13-time gold medal winner. It is available from October through December each year.

Breckenridge Brewery’s Christmas Ale clone

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Breckenridge Brewery describes this winter warmer as a beer with extra flavor and strength, with a sturdy texture and rich flavors of caramel and chocolate.

Saint Arnold Christmas Ale clone

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“There are no spices in (the Christmas Ale) at all, but I would have sworn there was before I started working here.”
— Saint Arnold Brewing brewmaster, Dave Fougeron

Northern Brewer’s New Old Ale

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Old ale has a caramel/nutty malt character with toffee-like,roasty overtones. It is full bodied with a smooth malty-sweet finish.The oats help build a creamy, mouth-filling body and hold a dense tan head atop the deep reddish-brown beer. The addition of dark candi sugar boosts the gravity, while adding a rich, rum-like dimension to thecomplex flavor profile.

– Chris Farley
Northern Brewer, Ltd.
Saint Paul, Minnesota

Organic Dubbel

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For a healthy fermentation, aerate very well before pitching yeast. This is a high gravity beer and the yeast needs extra oxygen to get a good start. Recipe submitted by Seven Bridges Organic Homebrewing Supply, Santa Cruz, California

Upstream Brewing Company Grand Cru Clone

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What’s the secret to making a good barrel aged beer? “Good wood, great beer, a little imagination and lots of patience.”
—Zac Triemert

Celebration Beer

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Something akin to the historic Burton ale, this Celebration Beer recipe has plenty of support from the hops to balance out the beer to provide a strong and complex, full-bodied beer.

Moylan’s Brewery’s Kilt-Lifter Wee Heavy clone

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The recipe for Kilt-Lifter, the wee heavy they pour at Moylan’s, was developed in 10-gallon batches during Paddy Giffen’s days as a homebrewer. It’s unusual because it uses German hop varieties that are not traditional to this style.

Gold Finger (James Blonde Barleywine)


This unconventional Barleywine is light in color but non-compro­mising in strength. It could also be called James Blonde.

Old Glory Barleywine

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An no-fuss, extract only Barleywine recipe.

Dixie Cup Boardwalk Belgian Quadrupel

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This was the beer that was given to each of the attendees of this year’s Houston Foam Ranger’s Dixie Cup Homebrew Competition. The theme was Fredopoly, based on the board game Monopoly and in honor of our annual speaker and homebrew pioneer, Fred Eckhardt.

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