Beer Style: Strong Ale Family

Groudskeeper Willie’s Wee Heavy

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Wee heavies are malty/sweet big ales, but don’t smell fruity as most big ales do. You need to use a yeast strain that won’t overattenuate the beer, pitch a large yeast starter and hold the fermentation temperature lower than with most ales. A Golden Promise malt for your base malt is a good choice.

The 10 Hardest Beer Styles to Homebrew

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Witbier. Wee Heavey. Tripel. Schwartzbier. Gueze. Eisbock. Dry Stout. Berliner Weisse. American Pilsner – are these the 10 most difficult styles for a homebrewer to pull off? They won’t be after reading our recipes and tips for success.

The 10 Easiest Beer Styles


It’s Brew Your Own’s Tenth Anniversary and we’re kicking off a year-long series of articles with our list of the 10 most approachable beer styles.

Old Ales

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From 19th-Century England to today, a new look at old ales. You’re not Peculier if you want to learn about this style of beer. Plus: two old ale recipes

BJ’s Millennium Ale clone

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A big Belgian tripel from a California brewpub originally brewed for Y2K.

Peat Smoked Wee Heavy

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This is a big, rich, malty and strong brew – the smoke, although present, seems restrained compared to all the other flavors.

T&R Theakston Brewery: Old Peculier clone

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The beer that made Masham, England, famous, Old Peculier is rich, dark and smooth tasting, with a character all of its own. Glorious, rich, full of flavor, but hard to come by.

Old Ale

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  OLD ALE OG = 1.060 to 90+ FG = 1.015 to 22+ IBUs = 30 to 60  SRM = 12 to 16  Old ales are often regarded as winter warmers and are brewed as seasonal offerings for the cold weather. Traditionally they were brewed in the spring to be laid down during the summer

Strong Ales

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Old ale, Scotch Ale, Barleywine or Belgian: Spring is a fine time to flex your brewing muscles and make a batch of strong ale.

Smoked Wee Heavy

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Long, slow, and cool fermentation is a crucial element for this beer, which otherwise gets too fruity and bitter; the smoked malt can develop fusel and/or sulfury notes if overdone or if fermented too warm. Hop levels are deliberately low; this beer is all about malt.

Belgian Golden

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There is no official “Belgian golden” category. Rather, it is “Belgian pale,” but this beer should not be confused with a regular pale ale of any sort. In fact if it were to be compared with anything, it would be Orval, the deep golden Trappist beer that contains the yeast recommend for fermenting ours or

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