Beer Style: Strong Ale Family

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Christmas Present Olde Ale


This ale is (loosely) based on a recipe for a barleywine.

Dubbel Trubbel

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Here is my recipe for a spiced dubbel, not patterned after any one commercial example but rather an amalgam of several but with a bit of a twist. It is moderately strong, medium dark, spicy from both the yeast and the flavorings added. I recommend aging it well, trying it several different times over the course of a couple of years. In effect you will probably find that you have brewed several different small batches in one, as the flavors really evolve over time.

Scotch Ales

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With a brewing history dating  to 43 AD, Scottish beer has had plenty of time to mature into a world-class beverage. With the craft-brewing movement channeling most of its energy into German and English beers, it is easy to overlook the contributions of the Scots. Scotland is no stranger to the traditions of brewing. The

159 result(s) found.