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Russian imperial stout was one of the first beer styles that caught my interest. I remember tasting North Coast Old Rasputin as I read and reread the BJCP style guidelines for the style. I also liked the idea that this was, according to the Courage Brewery, the beer of “Catherine II, Empress of all the Russias” as far back as the late 18th century. How cool is that? I would be happy
My friend Mike Riddle, well known for his award-winning Russian imperial stout, does use a lower attenuating Irish ale strain. He counters this with very high levels of roast malt and hops to try to balance out the residual sweetness. He also keeps the amount of crystal malts to one modest addition of dark crystal.
Pedal Haus Brewery (Tempe, Arizona) adds an extra layer of intrigue to their milk stout with a big addition of maple syrup near the end of fermentation. This recipe’s original gravity (OG) is based on the estimated gravity reading at the time the yeast is pitched. The ABV is calculated based on the inclusion of the maple syrup to the fermentation.

Sweet Stout I

Sweet Stout I (5 gallons/19 L, all-grain) OG = 1.064 FG = 1.014 IBU = 25 SRM = 28 ABV = 6.8% Ingredients 10 lbs. (4.5 kg) 2-row pale malt 0.5 lb. (0.23 kg) caramel malt (80 °L) 0.5 lb. (0.23 kg) Crisp chocolate malt 4 oz. (113 g) Briess Blackprinz® malt 1.25 lbs. (0.57 kg) lactose sugar 6.75 AAU East Kent Goldings hop pellets (90 min.) (1.5 oz./43 g at 4.5%

Amsinck No. II Dublin Stout

Amsinck No. II Dublin Stout (5 gallons/19 L, all-grain) OG = 1.085   FG = 1.026 IBU = 83   SRM = 33   ABV = 8.4% Ingredients 17 lbs. (7.7 kg) Maris Otter 2-row pale malt (4 °L) 0.75 lb. (340 g) Bairds black malt (550 °L) 23 AAU Target pellet hops (90 min.) (2.3 oz./65 g at 10% alpha acids) White Labs WLP004 (Irish Ale) or Wyeast 1084 (Irish Ale) yeast (as
This beer has a nice bittersweet chocolate and coffee profile, with just enough hop presence to offset any cloying sweetness. Unfortunately Dirty Hands Brewing closed their doors in 2016, but their legacy can live on.
BOS-winning homebrew recipe, brewed by Joe Formanek. Winner of Drunk Monk Challenge (Aurora, Illinois – 571 entries)
Terry Foster utilizes bourbon barrel soaked oak cubes to create a complex and layered imperial stout.
With a dense tan head, Green Leaf Brewing's Stout has a nose that exhibits notes of chocolate, coffee, and roasted malt. It's heavy-bodied with a balance of sweetness and bitterness.

Golden Age Stout

Author Terry Foster offers up a classic stout recipe looking to focus on the Cluster hops profile while exhibiting a nice roast character.

C.H.A.O.S. County Brand Stout

Since our club are located one mile from ground zero of where all Bourbon County Brand Stout is produced (Goose Island’s Fulton & Wood Brewery, it is only natural that we have a homebrew recipe of our own. This recipe has been tweaked over the last four years to produce phenomenal results . . . as long as O.G. is achieved!

Nitrogen and Stout Faucets

Is there a more mesmerizing sight than beer cascading through the rising bubbles of a nitrogen pour? Understand the science behind nitrogen beers and stout faucets.