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Saturday, Feb. 3, 2018 Schedule

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10:00 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Different Boot Camps will run Friday, February 2 and Saturday, February 3. Attendance is limited to just 35 attendees per session. A great opportunity to get an in-depth learning experience in a small audience setting and learn from experts. You will pick one boot camp per day to attend (with the exception of our Steve Parkes’ Turning Pro & Commercial Brewery Start-Up which is one Boot Camp that continues on to Saturday).

Advanced Yeast Techniques – with Dr. Chris White

Join Dr. Chris White of White Labs as he shows you how to master different yeast-related techniques including harvesting yeast, figuring cell counts and viability, the do’s and don’ts of repitching including steps such as yeast washing, building up a proper yeast starter, storing your yeast samples, and much more! Here’s your unique chance to learn about getting the most from your yeast first-hand in a small-class setting from one of the true leaders in the beer yeast field.  Register


Beer Sensory & Off Flavor – with Aaron Hyde

Your own senses can be one of your most valuable brewing tools. Join Brew Your Own Columnist Aaron Hyde as you educate your beer evaluation palate and explore how to properly taste your homebrew critically and use that knowledge to make better beer.  You’ll taste a broad spectrum of samples and learn how to identify the most common off-flavors in beer. You’ll also sample a variety of the most popular beer styles and how to achieve those specific flavors and aromas when homebrewing.  Register


Brew Chem 101 – with Ashton Lewis

Understanding the basics of brewing chemistry will make you a better brewer, but not everyone can remember back far enough to the chemistry you might have been taught in school classes. Brew Your Own’s Technical Editor Ashton Lewis will break down what you need to know – and why you need to know it – so you’ll leave with a firm grasp of brewing chemistry and how it will help you make improved beer at home.  Register





Sour Beer Techniques – with Michael Tonsmeire

Learn hands-on traditional European as well as newer American methods to produce sour and funky beers from Michael Tonsmeire, Brew Your Own Columnist who literally wrote the book on the subject with American Sour Beers. Michael will demonstrate the unique skills set needed to create yourown delicious sour beers including wort production (extract and all-grain), growing alternative microbes, blending, aging on fruit, and sanitation. The focus will be on practical topics difficult to convey by words alone, so no biology or chemistry degree required. You’ll leave with a clear understanding of the processes to reliably produce sour beers suited to your palate and desired time frame.  Register


Please note due to repeated requests we are repeating four of our most popular Boot Camp topics from Friday again on Saturday to give more people the opportunity to register for the following workshops.

Advanced Homebrew Hopping Techniques – with Mitch Steele

Join the former Brewmaster for Stone Brewing Co. and author of the book IPA, Mitch Steele as he explores when and how to add hops to create awesome hop-forward beers, You’ll cover timing and techniques of hop usage including mash hopping, boil hopping, whirlpool/knockout hop stand additions, and dry hopping.   You’ll cover hop varietal choices, hop pairing/blending, evaluating hops including hop rubbing and sensory training, water adjustments & much more to get the most out of your hops and into your glass. Please note this workshop will also be offered on Friday as well. Register


All-Grain Brewing Essentials with John Palmer and John Blichmann

Designed for intermediate to beginner homebrewers getting into all-grain brewing, this full-day workshop will cover all you need to know to successfully make great homebrews using all-grain brewing both with traditional and newer techniques. How To Brew best-selling author John Palmer and equipment guru John Blichmann will take you hands-on through the full all-grain process from milling, mashing, and sparging before going into the boil. You’ll get to know the equipment, techniques, and ingredients first-hand and learn all-grain brewing by doing in a small-class environment. They’ll also cover newer homebrew all-grain techniques such as Brew-in-a-Bag and No Sparge in addition to traditional mashing and some advanced tips as well. Register


Advanced All-Grain Techniques – with Gordon Strong

Pull out the mash tun and get ready to learn advanced all-grain techniques hands-on with Brew Your Own Columnist, book author, and President of the beer Judge Certification Program, Gordon Strong. Gordon will walk you through a world beyond straight infusion mashing with keys to mastering step mashing, sour mashing, and decoction mashing.Plus you’ll learn about playing with mash thickness and other ways to control your all-grain wort production. Please note this workshop will also be offered on Friday as well.  Register


Recipe Formulation  – with Brad Smith

Create your own signature recipes and learn the keys to developing the specific grain bill, hop schedule, and ingredient proportions to meet your homebrewing goals. Brad Smith, BYO Contributor and BeerSmith software owner, has helped thousands of homebrewers design their own beer recipes and now you’ll learn first-hand from this recipe building expert how to use both artistic and scientific approaches to beer design to end up with the beer you envisioned in your glass. You’ll also explore ingredients, techniques, and understanding your own brewing system. Please note this workshop will also be offered on Friday as well. Register

Turning Pro & Commercial Brewery Start-Up – with Steve Parkes

FULL TWO-DAY (Friday and Saturday combined) BOOT CAMP: *If you are interested in this class, it covers both Friday and Saturday together.  We’re expanding our past one-day Brewery Start-Up Boot Camp to two full days to better cover more material in more depth for you. When you register for this class you will attend it for both Friday and Saturday unlike our other offerings. Opening up a commercial brewery is a far cry from just ramping up the amount of beer you brew. Steve Parkes, who has trained hundreds of pro brewers as lead instructor and owner of the American Brewers Guild, will walk you through the steps, planning decisions, and keys you need to know if you want to open a successful commercial craft brewery. Learn from his decades of expertise and wide range of experience to help you better achieve your goals of turning pro. Over two full days Steve will guide you in depth through all the various elements you’ll have to know for the next big step toward starting a craft brewery. Register

Boot Camps wrap up with a San Diego Beer Reception with local craft breweries pouring samples to wrap up your full day.

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