Digital Subscription Balance

I still had a few months left of my digital replica subscription.  What will I receive?

If you had a balance left on your old digital subscription after the December 2017 digital issue of BYO,  we’ve enrolled you in the upgraded Brew Your Own Digital Membership in place of your digital subscription.  We applied the remaining balance on your account to your digital membership plan so you will still receive all the BYO digital issues you paid for earlier as part of your digital subscription. Starting with the January-February 2018 magazine, the digital editions will now be available only on this new web-based platform allowing for more flexibility across devices than our old app and desktop-based delivery. You’ll notice instead of one large digital replica of the magazine, each individual article and recipe from the new issue is broken out separately to make the reading experience better. Besides the new issue, your digital membership also gives you access to BYO back issues dating back to 2012 (when we had first start our digital editions), our Special Issue library, plus over 3,000 premier articles, recipes, and projects from our archives. In all you are getting much more than you did with our older digital replica editions. We hope you decide to renew your digital membership when your current term ends.