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Decoction Mashing


Richard Swent - Palo Alto, California asks,

I do countertop partial mashing, putting 4–5 lbs. (1.8–2.3 kg) of grain in a mesh bag and then into 5–8 quarts/liters of hot water in a beverage cooler. When my temperature is 1–2 °F (0.5 to 1 °C) low I drain a couple cups and heat it in the microwave for a minute, and then stir it back in. That usually raises the mash temperature by 1 °F (0.5 °C), and I repeat once more if necessary. I have never heard this method discussed, but it seems similar to decoction mashing. The heated liquid is not taken all the way to boiling. Is there anything wrong with this technique?

I really like this approach! This is the first time I have heard of your method and cannot think of any huge problems. It is certainly similar to decoction mashing, except that
Response by Ashton Lewis.