Ask Mr. Wizard

Digging Into Seltzer Nutrients


Joshua Greenberg — Kansas City, Missouri asks,

I’ve been making hard seltzers using the base instructions you provided in the March-April 2020 issue of BYO. But I’ve been thinking about trying to branch out and start to play around with the base recipe, like changing the ABV, yeast selection, and sugar source. One thing I’m struggling with is YAN (yeast assimilable nitrogen) and FAN (Free amino nitrogen) levels. I now understand the difference between the two, but I’m still hearing conflicting numbers for recommended levels and the fact that many nutrients (like the Wyeast beer nutrient blend and the Yeastex product you list) don’t list the YAN/FAN contribution. Do those levels change with different ABV levels or yeast strains? I know in my heart I should just go and trust your recommended dosages, but where’s the fun in that?

The answer to this question requires an upfront disclaimer about any bias or product promotions that may accompany my answer. I work for BSG (Brewers Supply Group) and we carry several products
Response by Ashton Lewis.