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Getting the most wort from the kettle


Chris Hillman • Winnipeg, Manitoba asks,

I’ve been doing all-grain brewing for about a year now and noticed considerable more break material in the kettle than when I was brewing with extracts. I cool with an immersion chiller and siphon directly from the kettle to the fermenter, just as I had before, stopping the siphon before drawing any break material. My all-grain batch size has been coming in typically 0.5–1 gallon (1.9–3.8 L) shy of my target volume. Then I realized, that I’m leaving that “missing wort” in the kettle mixed with the break! My question is, what’s the best way to obtain the most wort from the kettle without a lot of break?

This is really a straight-forward and easily addressed problem if you simply add a few more minutes and one additional step to your brew day — namely whirlpooling. And I’m not suggesting
Response by Ashton Lewis.