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High Gravity Fermentation


Ben Kalota - Jacksonville, Florida asks,

I am currently brewing a high gravity beer (1.097 OG). after 6 days I noticed there were no bubbles in the airlock. I took a gravity reading of 1.034. I poured the sample back into the fermenter and checked the temperature two hours later. The airlock was busily bubbling away at 5 to 6 second intervals. Two days later there were no bubbles in the airlock. I checked the gravity again and got a reading of 1.026. Same thing, two hours later the airlock was bubbling away. Have I discovered a way of unsticking a stuck fermentation? I did use a yeast starter. Is there a percentage of gravity drop before racking into the secondary fermenter? Also I have read about diacetyl rest, does this take place in the primary or secondary fermenter?

This is one of the questions that makes me scratch my head, and for more reasons than one. My first response actually has nothing at all to do with the question. And
Response by Ashton Lewis.