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Lack of head


Christopher Haas • San Jose, California asks,

For the past few batches I have been having difficulties with carbonation and head retention. I brew all-grain and recently brewed an oatmeal stout. Anticipating the problem, I mashed a half-pound of wheat to help. I bottled when the batch reached 1.024 with 3/4-cup of corn sugar. After my two weeks in bottle, I was expecting a nice, fine frothy head. When I opened it, I heard the tell tale hiss of carbonation. But when I poured it into a clean glass, almost no head. I thought by brewing a stout, along with the wheat addition, I would be okay. What can I do to solve this problem?


foam is one of those things that seems to come magically when things are going right. Just as it can come without doing anything special it can also be frustratingly absent even
Response by Ashton Lewis.