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Can you mash overnight and sparge in the morning?


Trev Cox • Reading, Pennsylvania asks,

I have been brewing for almost 30 years. To increase mash efficiency, I mash overnight. I do this with beers of low to average original gravities, but especially with high-gravity beers. I will start the mash at 155–160 °F (68–71 °C) around 11 p.m. and sparge in the morning around 9 a.m. By then, the temperature of the mash is around 145 °F (63 °C). I have found this method to be successful at conversion and the beers have been good. Is there any reason why I should not be doing this? I am often asked for brewing recommendations and I want to recommend this, but I need to know if I am wrong.


I am a great fan of methods that make things easier and this method is certainly a time-saver when it comes to scheduling those precious weekend hours. To me, saving time is
Response by Ashton Lewis.