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Munich Malts Explained


Robert Waligora — Solon, Ohio asks,

I have noticed a lot of variation in Munich malts from different maltsters and I’m trying to understand the difference between Munich Light, Medium, and Dark malts. I can order Munich Light in 5, 8, 15, and 30 °L, and Munich Dark comes in 8, 15, and 50 °L colors. There are also malts offered as Munich 10 °L, Munich 20 °L, and Munich 60 °L, which I assume are Munich Medium. What does Light, Medium, and Dark really mean?

The BYO “Tips From the Pros” ( didn’t provide many answers to this question. In fact, this reference says that Munich Malt has a color rating of 5–20 °L, Which adds more confusion because I see 30, 50 and 60 °L versions.

The differences among specialty malts is confusing for a number of reasons, including how the same description, such as Munich or crystal, is used for a wide range of malts. And some
Response by Ashton Lewis.