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What are some tips for making gluten-free beer?


Mike Dellemann • Stevens Point, Wisconsin asks,

My good friend is gluten free and I have been brewing for some time now and we have talked about making a gluten-free beer for him to enjoy. My local homebrew shop sells gluten-free extract but I am looking for more to add. He once tasted a black IPA and enjoyed it a lot. What are things I can add to make a better beer? Would soaking uncrushed black or chocolate malt in cold water result in glutens? Is lactose sugar okay to use or will there be glutens left? What are some other grains to add or roast myself to add some complexity?

Celiac Disease is an immune reaction to certain gluten proteins found in wheat, barley, rye and oats. This means that when a brewery brews a beverage specifically for this group of people
Response by Ashton Lewis.