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Boil time for small batches


Jim Albrecht • Naperville, Illinois asks,

I’m planning to brew some smaller (1 and 3 gallon) experimental batches and wanted to know if I should still boil these batches the standard 60 to 90 minutes. Or should I set the boil time in relation to the amount of wort (1 gallon = 12 minutes, for example)? Would using Wyeast (with a starter) or White Labs yeast vials cause me to over-pitch these smaller batches? I also wanted to know if you have ever used pure oxygen in your homebrewing wort before you pitched your yeast and if it made a dramatic improvement in the taste of your finished beer.


Brewing small experimental batches is a good way to determine the effect of a particular brewing variable. By changing one variable at a time, you can see how yeast strain, hop variety
Response by Ashton Lewis.