Ask Mr. Wizard

Can I mash in an oven?


Tom Geib • Cambridge, Ohio asks,

Here’s something I have been pondering: Would it be possible to mix your grains with cold water, then put them in the oven at 150 °F and leave it overnight? A friend of mine did this and it didn’t convert. Do you have an idea why not? Also, is it possible to get too much tannin out of the husk with this method? If it goes from 100 to 150 °F in a period of say, eight hours, wouldn’t all the temperature breaks be covered, to make a complete mash?

The oven-mash method can be effective. A very slow increase from 100° to 150° F will give all mash enzymes an opportunity to convert the starches in malted barley into fermentable sugars.
Response by Ashton Lewis.