2019 NanoCon

Big Ideas for Small-Scale Craft Brewing

Sales & Marketing • Brewing Operations • Start-Ups • Business Operations


Join Nano breweries (and Nanos in planning) for two days packed with over 30 seminars, workshops, and events geared just for you – the small-scale commercial brewery, or brewery in-planning, working on smaller systems – in Vancouver, WA just across the bridge from Portland, OR.

See the Schedule-At-A-Glance for 2019 NanoCon
The Nano segment of craft brewing is growing fast with the majority of new breweries opening up falling into this small-scale, hyper-local segment working on brewing systems 5 barrels or under. But often this Nano niche can’t relate to current educational events for the pro brewing industry because their brewing scale and distribution models are so different from larger brewing companies.
Now there’s a conference just for the small-scale craft brewery focused on taproom distribution. Learn the business, marketing, and brewing strategies targeted for your sized needs. From strategies to maximizing taproom sales to more accurately forecasting your brewery business you’ll learn over two days from experts and fellow Nano colleagues about actionable ways to improve – or launch – your brewery with ideas targeted just for your small-scale size and business direction.

30 Big Seminars

During Friday and Saturday‘s packed NanoCon schedule, expert speakers will cover topics on brewing operations, sales and marketing, business operations, start-ups and lots more all geared to Nano Breweries!

Roundtable Discussions

Peer-to-peer learning on a variety of subjects so you can learn what is working – and what isn’t – from others in the Nano craft beer segment.

Nano-Focused Vendors

Check out the latest in equipment, supplies, and ingredients from leading companies focused on your Nano market and your specific scale and needs.

Two Lunches with Panel Discussions

Learn during lunch on current Nano trends as well as expert tips for success on both the business and brewing side.

Opening & Closing Pacific Northwest Beer Receptions

Wrap up your full day of learning sampling craft beers from the Beervana of the Portland-Vancouver area served by the breweries on the trade show floor.

Optional 2-Day Pre-Conference Start-Up Boot Camp

Spend two full days leading into NanoCon learning from Steve Parkes of the American Brewers Guild about the keys to know in both business and brewing to starting up a small-scale commercial brewery. This popular class sold out at the last NanoCon.

Optional 1-Day Pre-Conference Boot Camps

Spend an immersive full-day workshop just before NanoCon starts exploring key topics: Dr. Chris White on Yeast Management for Nanos, Audra Gaiziunas on Brewery Financials, and Ashton Lewis on Hands-On Nano Brewing Science.

Optional Pre- and Post-Conference Portland, Oregon Area Brewery Tours

Here’s your chance to easily check out the Portland region’s famed craft beer scene. We’ll offer different tours on both the day before and the day after NanoCon. One trip will head across the river to explore breweries in Portland while the second trip will stay on the Washington side to visit local craft breweries.

Download a pdf of the NanoCon brochure here.

Click here for photos from the premier NanoCon event 2018 in Burlington, VT

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