Friday, Nov. 2, 2018 Schedule

Friday, November 2, 2018 NanoCon Schedule

9:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.

Creating (and Financing!) Your Nano Business Plan – There are plenty of templates out there for creating a business plan. But the brewing business has its own specific needs and specialized considerations to keep in mind when you want to convert your dreams into a potential brewery launch. Plus even after writing a business plan figuring out how to finance that vision is a huge hurdle for most start-ups. Luckily we have Audra Gaiziunas who helps craft breweries in planning write better business plans that will in turn help raise money to get your new brewery off the drawing board and into business.
Audra Gaiziunas
Owner, Brewed for Her Ledger, LLC

Evaluating Raw Materials – Your next batch of beer is only as good as the ingredients you are using, but many commercial brewers don’t take the time to properly evaluate the malts, hops, and other materials they’ll be using. Veteran craft brewer Ashton Lewis also works within the supply chain of ingredients as a rep for BSG Craft Brewing so he knows both sides of the business. He’ll walk you through what you should be doing before you add that next item to your next beer so you can make sure your beer will be as good as it can be.
Ashton Lewis
Brewmaster & Co-Owner, Springfield Brewing Company

Sales Representative, BSG Craft Brewing
Technical Editor, Brew Your Own

Social Media Strategies to Build your Nano – Anyone can use social media, but how to use it correctly as a business is another story. From Facebook to Instagram to Twitter there are plenty of opportunities to build your Nano business and create a loyal community of potential customers. Find out the key strategies for a successful Nano social media program from Tabitha Tice who spends her workdays managing social media for several different breweries.
Tabitha Tice
Communications and Marketing Specialist, Alchemy & Science Brewing

One Person, Many Hats: Keys to Being Both the Business Owner & Head Brewer – Juggling all the various duties of being a small business owner is always challenging, but when one of those responsibilities is also brewing beer in addition to running a business your workday gets pretty complex. Doing everything as well as it need to get done takes some careful planning and organization so key items down fall through the cracks in the brewery or at your desk. Steve Parkes who wears both the Head Brewer and Business Owner hat at his Drop In Brewing as well as running the American Brewers Guild will help you make better decisions on how best to divide your time and duties so things run smoothly.
Steve Parkes
Brewmaster & Owner, Drop In Brewing Company
Owner & Lead Instructor, American Brewers Guild

10:30 to 11 a.m.

COFFEE BREAK & EXHIBITS – Grab a coffee and check out the latest in Nano-sized equipment, gear, ingredients, and supplies from dozens of craft brewing’s top vendors.

11:00 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Quality Control for the Nano – Establishing and following through with a quality control program is key to the success of your brewery – no matter what the size of your output. Even the smallest of breweries need to run certain key tests on their beer and can without taking up too much space, resources or cost. QC expert Amy Todd will walk you through what you should be doing as a small-scale commercial brewery to make sure the beer you are selling to customers is truly good to go.
Amy Todd
Owner and Analyst, Zymology Labs

Building on Your Brewery Branding – You make great beer, but many Nanos forget that they also need to keep building a brand around their beer. Have you emphasized the right back story to tell and is that story and personality reinforced through design and all marketing materials? Plus does your marketing voice work with or against other efforts? Craft beverage branding expert Glenn Clark will help you take a look at doing a branding audit to make sure you are focused on the most
effective stories, but are also united in reinforcing that story with customers.
Glenn Clark
President, Crafting A Brand, Co.

Top 10 Legal Mistakes Made by Craft Breweries – Are you unknowingly making legal mistakes that will negatively hurt your brewery? From intellectual property to trademarks to navigating permits to employment law, there are plenty of legal mistakes a Nano can make in the course of just doing business. Lawyer Matthew McLaughlin who specializes in representing craft breweries and distilleries will walk you through the 10 most common legal pitfalls other commercial breweries have faced so hopefully you don’t have to as well!
Matthew McLaughlin
Founder, McLaughlin, PC

Infrastructure Sizing for your Nano – When you are looking for locations and space for your new Nano there are quite a few things to consider other than just the cost. From utilities like electric, gas, and water to other key items such weight loads, ventilation, floor drain possibilities, ease of inbound/outbound deliveries and wastewater there id plenty to add to your location checklist. Brewing equipment guru and engineer John Blichmann will help you sort out what to keep on your radar as you hunt for a home for your new Nano.
John Blichmann
President, Blichmann Engineering

12:15 to 1:45 p.m.

Lunch & Nano Idea-O-Rama Roundtable
Get ready to listen in four craft brewing industry experts on accounting, marketing, brewing quality control, and legal matters each share their favorite five ideas for your brewery in a rapid fire discussion after you wrap up lunch. Nano exhibits will also be open for you to explore during the lunch session.

2:00 to 3:00 p.m.

Special Events to Pack your Tasting Room Roundtable – Find out from your fellow Nanobreweries what’s working in terms of hosting special events at your tasting room and what hasn’t. From themed parties to special releases to different competitions, Nano breweries have gotten very creative coming up with new ways to bring old and new customers in their doors. We’ll have a panel as well as opening up discussions for the entire room so everyone can learn new ideas from each other.

How Much Was That Last Batch?: Brewery Cost Accounting – 82% of existing breweries have no idea how much one run of their beer even costs. Learn the keys to make sure you don’t fall into that trap as well as keeping an eye on other important cost aspects of your Nano business with Audra Gaiziunas who has helped over 120 craft breweries and cideries in the last five years make sense of the cost-side of your business so you can make better decisions overall.
Audra Gaiziunas
Owner, Brewed for Her Ledger, LLC

Transitioning to Working Directly with Ingredient & Supplier Vendors Roundtable – One area of change for homebrewers launching a commercial brewery is working for the first time directly with the companies that sell their brewing ingredients and supplies instead of just purchasing the same items from a local or online retailer. And there is definitely more of a learning curve involved than you would think. You’ll learn from a panel made up of different vendors you might end up doing business with after launching your brewery about the best ways to start off what will be an important business relationship for the success of your new Nano.

Cleaning Secrets & Small-Scale CIP – We all know how important a clean brewery is for quality beer. But knowing the ins and outs of small-scale CIP systems as well as secret trouble spots to keep an eye on when cleaning any commercial brewery is not always clearly understood or given enough attention or consideration. Plus there are a host of different cleaning products out there to consider. Get the inside dirt from a fellow craft brewer on how to best clean your way to better beer with Vilija Bizinkauskas, Lead Brewer at Drop In Brewing in Middlebury, Vermont.
Vilija Bizinkauskas
Lead Brewer, Drop In Brewing Company

3:00 to 3:45 p.m.

VERMONT NANO BEER BREAK & EXHIBITS – Sample some local Vermont Nano craft beer as you check out the latest in Nano-sized equipment, gear, ingredients, and supplies from dozens of craft brewing’s top vendors.

4:00 to 5:00 p.m.

Accurately Forecasting Ingredient Purchases – One of the keys of running a successful brewing business is accurately managing the ordering of ingredients for future batches of beer. Not having enough of a certain ingredient will keep you from brewing what you want when you want. But having too much of another ingredient will just tie up your financial resources that could be used elsewhere. Veteran craft brewer Ashton Lewis also works within the supply chain of ingredients as a rep for BSG Craft Brewing so he has both handled the forecasting of ingredient purchases personally for his own brewery as well as helped other breweries strategically manage how they accurately predict ingredient purchases. He’ll help walk you through what you need to know to be as accurate as you can be with your own ingredient purchase forecasting.
Ashton Lewis
Brewmaster & Co-Owner, Springfield Brewing Company
Sales Representative, BSG Craft Brewing
Technical Editor, Brew Your Own

Brewery Branding 101 – Get ready to be immersed in the world of branding your brewery. Creating a brand behind your beer, defining your brand’s personality, reinforcing the brand through design, and finding your brewery’s public voice are all key elements that will attract and keep future customers in addition to the great beer you’ll be brewing. Glenn Clark works with breweries on branding every day and he’ll share the keys you need to consider before even opening your doors.
Glenn Clark
President, Crafting A Brand, Co.

To-Go Small-Scale Packaging Roundtable – With space and cash flow at a premium for many in the Nano niche of craft beer, the option of using single unit canning equipment allows easy to-go and special release sales out of your taproom without the required investment and upkeep with larger on-site canning or bottling equipment. Learn more about how to make the most of using single can sealers from two leading single-can packaging equipment companies so you can better take advantage of the flexibility these can provide you as a brewer and as a business.

Strategic Email Marketing for your Brewery –Strategic email use can be a cost-effective way to boost beer sales, brand awareness, customer loyalty, and business in the taproom. But the key word is strategic – how much do you send, when do you send, and how do you even best build an email list? In this session you’ll learn how to best use email effectively to build your brewery’s business from Alex Standiford who helps craft breweries with their digital strategies.
Alex Standiford
Director, Fill Your Taproom 

5:00 to 6:30 p.m.

Vermont Craft Beer Opening Reception – We’ve invited some of our favorite Vermont craft breweries and distilleries to join us to pour samples of their beer for you as a fun way to wrap up your first full day of NanoCon. You’ll have the chance to talk with attendees, Vermont brewers, and visit with our exhibitors before you head out on the town to check out Burlington’s breweries and craft beer taprooms for the evening. If you have a spouse or friend who would like to join you for this reception, we will be offering a limited number of guest passes for purchase for the end of the day receptions in the exhibit hall where Vermont craft breweries will be pouring samples. Register here.

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