Click here for live chat with Fermentis at 12:05pm (Eastern) Friday, Nov. 6, 2020. Recording will also be available through the above link after the event.

At Fermentis, helping brewers make the best beer is central to what we do. This passion, knowledge and love for beer is what fuels us to create and deliver the most innovative and dependable dry yeasts available for brewing.

With E2U™ active dry yeast, you can pitch directly, or you can rehydrate first, depending on your equipment, habits and preferences. This innovation and flexibility gives you the opportunity to save time and make your life easier – and by using less water, energy and detergent, your process is more sustainable. Whichever option you choose, we ensure the highest standards of quality, productivity and security.

To learn more about how Fermentis can improve the quality of your fermentation, visit or download the free Fermentis app to help you inspire your creativity.

Fermentis, the obvious choice for beverage fermentation.