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With the demand for craft beer and craft spirits increasing, consumers are becoming more knowledgeable, demanding locally brewed beers and locally distilled spirits that are manufactured using locally sourced and organic ingredients. As a result, the craft beer and craft spirit industries are expanding at a rapid pace as the breweries and distilleries innovate and bring new and unique products and brands to the market. These artisans are redefining cottage manufacturing in communities throughout the United States.

The market for craft beer and craft spirits continues to evolve in a highly regulated environment, and craft breweries and craft distilleries realize they not only need to create quality products, but also have to be efficient and effective businesses. We are well-positioned and well-equipped to advise these specialty companies on a wide range of legal and public-policy issues specific to their businesses. Whether it is choice of entity, applying for and obtaining permits, real estate acquisition or leasing and land use issues, protecting trademarks and trade secrets, or labor and employment law issues, our attorneys and advisors have the experience and knowledge to advise craft breweries and craft distilleries on virtually all of their legal and public policy needs.