Saturday, Nov. 3, 2018 NanoCon Schedule

Saturday, November 3, 2018 NanoCon Schedule

9:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.

Start-Up Brewery Law 101 – One of the biggest blindspots and areas of concern for new breweries starting up is getting a grasp on all the legal compliance required for both a small business and especially a small business producing and selling alcohol. Federal, state, and even local permits and licenses need to be completed as well as a host of other legal considerations as you start up your new brewery. We’re lucky to have Matthew McLaughlin, an attorney with years of experience helping start-up craft breweries, lead this seminar so you can more successfully navigate the laws and what you should consider on the legal side before you ever sell your first pint of beer.
Matthew McLaughlin
Founder, McLaughlin, PC

Recipe Scaling – As you work on different sized brewing systems there are many factors to consider when you want to scale up a favorite beer recipe. As most brewers know it isn’t a matter of just proportionately increasing ingredient amounts when you boost your batch size, but what is truly the most accurate way to adapt your old recipes to a larger system? Steve Parkes of the American Brewers Guild and Drop In Brewing Company will give you all the details you need to scale up that recipe so you recognize that beer in the glass as the same recipe you used to make on a smaller system.
Steve Parkes
Brewmaster & Owner, Drop In Brewing Company
Owner & Lead Instructor, American Brewers Guild

Maximizing Customer Clubs to Boost Sales & Loyalty Roundtable – Hear great ideas from fellow Nano breweries using different variations of customer clubs to help drive sales and build a loyal core of customers. From exclusive limited release beer clubs to traditional mug clubs to monthly beer CSA-type clubs, breweries are creating specific customer communities within their communities to boost sales and goodwill. We’ll have a panel as well as opening up discussions for the entire room so everyone can learn new ideas from each other.

Operational Audits to Achieve Savings – Unless you take a step back and truly take an objective audit of your brewery business you won’t know if there is room to operate more efficiently, effectively, and consistently. Learn what the key metrics are to keep in mind and how to best tackle this internal audit with Audra Gaiziunas who regularly works with craft breweries on operational audits and how to improve their processes, accounting procedures, and other key aspects often overlooked in small-scale breweries.
Audra Gaiziunas
Owner, Brewed for Her Ledger, LLC

10:30 – 11:00 a.m.

NANO EXHIBITS & COFFEE BREAK – Refuel with a cup of coffee and check out the latest in Nano-sized equipment, gear, ingredients, and supplies from dozens of craft brewing’s top vendors.

11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Nano Table Talks – Peer to peer learning from your fellow Nano industry people at its best. We’ll have dozens of tables each assigned a different topic of interest to Nano Breweries spanning brewing, sales, business, and start-ups. For 30 minutes you will trade advice and tips with the other people at your table on that specific topic. Then you’ll switch tables to another subject of interest to you. So you’ll have the chance to gain knowledge on two different specific subjects you want to explore (and maybe make some new friends and contacts along the way!)

12:00-1:45 p.m.

Lunch & Nano Trends Roundtable: Listen and learn after you enjoy lunch as a range of craft beer industry veterans discuss trends specific to the Nano segment from both the business as well as beer side. Nano exhibitors will also be available over lunch to visit.

2:00 – 3:00 p.m.

Nano-Sized Yeast Management – Yeast is obviously the workhouse of any brewery, but what are some of the ways a small-scale commercial brewery can get the most of their yeast? Learn about the keys to managing your yeast in a small-scale brewery from re-pitching, taking yeast counts, and keeping the yeast healthy for a good fermentation with Pablo Gómez of White Labs, one of the top suppliers of yeast for the craft beer industry.
Pablo Gómez
White Labs, Inc.

Make Your Brewery’s Website Work Harder – You’ve got a website for your brewery, but is it getting the job done to boost interest in your beer and events resulting in more income for your business? From selling swag, event tickets, tours, and customer club memberships to up-to-date tap lists, beer release calendars, and avoiding age verification search headaches, you’ll learn some easy and actionable ways to make your brewery website help drive interest in your brand and drive customers to your brewery while generating online income. Join Alex Standiford who specializes in website strategies for craft breweries and helps them get the most of their digital efforts.
Alex Standiford
Director, Fill Your Taproom 

Can I Get “X” Hop? Roundtable: Contracts, Spot Buys & Locking Down What You Need – Today’s hop market is constantly changing so we’re pulling together a panel of hop industry experts to talk more about how you as a small-scale brewery business can best navigate getting the hop varieties you want in the quantities you need. Are spot buys the way to go? What’s the current take on contracts? And where is the hop market heading? It’s a moving target lately and our experts are here to share their advice as you look to fulfill your brewery business’ hop supply needs.

Pro Options for HeatChoosing Between Steam, Electric, Gas & More – There are quite a few choices when you take a look at how you will supply heating for your start-up Nano brewery. There are pros and cons to consider whether to go with steam, electric or gas. And do you keep using direct fire from your homebrew days? Utility costs will also become a factor to consider in addition to equipment choices for your set-up. You’ll understand the pluses and minuses of each after this session with John Blichmann of Blichmann Engineering.
John Blichmann
President, Blichmann Engineering

3:00 – 3:45 p.m.

VERMONT NANO BEER BREAK & EXHIBITS – We’ve invited a new group of local Vermont Nano Breweries to pour samples and visit with as you check out the latest in Nano-sized equipment, gear, ingredients, and supplies from dozens of craft brewing’s top vendors.

4:00 – 5:00 p.m.

Building a Tasting Room Community Roundtable: The most loyal of your customers see themselves as part of your community. But how do you go about fostering that sense of community in your taproom? We’ll hear from a panel representing several Nano breweries who have helped create this key dynamic at their taprooms and we’ll also open up the floor for free-flowing discussions so everyone can learn from each other about strategies to build customer community that will end up driving more sales for you.

Brewery Safety in Tight Quarters – Commercial brewing no matter the scale is filled with potential hazards if you don’t have a solid safety plan in place. These possible problems can increase when the size of your brewery doesn’t allow much extra space around your equipment. But above all else you need to have your safety procedures identified, documented, and in place to protect yourself and anyone else in the brewery. “Safety Matt” Calcagni is the Safety Manager overseeing two longtime Vermont craft breweries – Long Trail and Otter Creek. He’ll help give an overview of what you need to establish for brewery safety – no matter the size of your system – and why it so important.
Matt Calcagni
Safety Manager, Otter Creek Brewing Company & Long Trail Brewing Company

Planning & Starting Up a Quality Control Program – If you are going to charge the public money for your beer and want repeat customers you have to put a solid quality control program in place for your new brewery. That means budgeting some space and resources to run some basic QC tests on your beers before they head out to customers. Having a QC program is more than simply troubleshooting beer faults, it is a business necessity no matter the scale of your new brewery. Learn what you need to budget for and have in place from day one at your brewery with Amy Todd who runs her own commercial beer and cider testing lab after a career in craft beer QC.
Amy Todd
Owner and Analyst, ZymologyLabs

Maximize Brewery Flexibility & Save Money With Less Equipment – You can cut costs using less equipment and gain flexibility with your brewing? Craft brewing veteran Ashton Lewis says yes and he’ll walk you through ideas targeted just for the smaller-scale Nano market by marrying equipment with raw materials in efficient ways including milling, augmenting wort strength, hop extracts, and multi-tank fermentation and aging strategies.
Ashton Lewis
Brewmaster & Co-Owner, Springfield Brewing Company
Sales Representative, BSG Craft Brewing
Technical Editor, Brew Your Own

5:00 – 6:30 p.m.

Vermont Craft Beer Closing Reception – We’ve invited some more of our favorite Vermont craft breweries to join us to pour samples of their beer for you as a fun way to wrap up NanoCon. You’ll have this final chance to talk with attendees, Vermont brewers, and visit with our exhibitors before you head out on the town to check out Burlington’s breweries and craft beer taprooms for Saturday night. If you have a spouse or friend who would like to join you for this reception, we will be offering a limited number of guest passes for purchase for the end of the day receptions in the exhibit hall where Vermont craft breweries will be pouring samples. Register here.

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