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Best of British! This is a great bundle for the Anglophile in your life!

September 2015: Make a proper English IPA, Sparkling Ales, Making Pre-Prohibition Beers, Foraging Wild Homebrew Ingredients

November 2015: Malt Matters: Choosing Your Malts, Maris Otter turns 50, New Malts on the Market, Micro Maltsters, Brewpub Clones, Calculate Your Brewhouse Efficiency, Brett Beers

December 2013: Award-Winning Porters, Brew a Porter from 1744, Convert a Kegerator to Serve Cask Ale, Brewing Strong Scotch Ale, Using Black Malt

September 2013: Old Ales, Homebrew Yeast Strain Chart, Reusing Yeast, Brewer’s Yeast & Brett Fermentation Flavors, Homebrew Pitching Rates, Lautering

July/August 2012: Homebrewing Cask Ales, Brewing Hoppy American-Style Ales, The House of Heileman, Repitching Beer Yeast, Build a Brew System Water Filter

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