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Tips, Tricks and Advice for the Extract Brewers out there:

March/April 2015: 10 Tips For Better Extract Brewing, Homebrew Hacks, Oktoberfest, Award-Winning American IPAs, Hop Growing

January/February 2014: Two-Hour Extract Brew Day, Homebrew Recipe Design, Pre-Boil Hopping Techniques, Build a Better Bottle Capper, Grain Meets Grape, Munich Helles

March/April 2013 : Brew Your Own University: Exploring Modern Homebrewing, Hop Stands, A Guide to Cellaring Your Beers

November 2012: Converting to Partial Mash, Electric Brewing, Homebrewery Layout, Sanitation of Hard to Clean Parts

October 2010: Extract Brew Day: A Pictorial Guide Use Malt Extract Like a Pro, Malt Extract Experts Roundtable, Mash Temperature Calculations, California Common, Increase the Body in Your Beer





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