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December 2009:  This issue includes a great “Style Profile” on Russian Imperial Stout including two recipes for The Czar’s Revenge & Mike Riddle’s Tricentennial Stout.  Also in this issue “Great Lake’s Brewing Co.’s Edmund Fitzgerald Clone Recipe”, “Home Automated Brewery”, “New Zealand Hops”, “Experiment with Mixed Yeast Strains”, and “Calibrating Your Equipment”

May/June 2011: Dark & Delicious American Stout, Regional Malts, Scandinavian Beers: Contemporary & Historic, Comparing Sparging Methods

January/February 2012:  This issue features “Aphrodisiac Beers For Valentine’s Day and Brewing a Guinness from 1801. Issue also includes “Improve Your Homebrew”, “Build a Fermentation Temperature Controller”, “Have Another Falstaff” & “Weizenbock” & “Build a Draft Table”

December 2012:  This issue includes a “Style Profile” on Sweet Stout as well as “Tips from the Pros” on Sweet Stouts and Replicator recipe on Victory’s Storm King Imperial Stout.  Also in this issue “Sierra Nevada”, “Filtering Homebrew”, “Tesguino”, “Strong Ales”, and “Steampunk Brewing”

December 2013:Award-Winning Porters, Using Black Malts, Historic Porters, Put Your Beer On Cask, Strong Scotch Ale

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