Build A Bier Wagen

My wife and I throw our annual Strausstoberfest party every year on the last Saturday in September. This occurs during the traditional Oktoberfest celebration. Oktoberfest is synonymous with beer, awesome food and a certain amount of over the top pomp and circumstance. For the last part, I decided that the beer I’ve spent the last couple of months caring for MUST have a grand entrance. With that in mind, I present you with my design for a bierwagen to roll your keezer around on.

I had several constraints when designing the cart, starting with a few obstacles to navigate around during its trip from the garage to the backyard.

• It must fit through our gate.
• It must be able to navigate large bumps (edge of driveway and protruding tree roots in the grass).
• It must allow quick assembly and disassembly for storage under our deck during the other 364 days of the year.
• It must utilize our bike tires.
• It must have an integrated ramp system for easy loading/unloading of my keezer dolly.
• It must be sturdy enough to stand on to switch over kegs during the party.

In addition to these, the weight of the keezer must be carefully balanced so that the bierwagen does not tip when set to rest, yet far enough back that lifting from the front is easy.

Materials and Tools
(6) 2×4 boards, 8-feet (2.4 m) long
2.5-inch drywall/deck screws
L-channel (AKA angle iron or L bracket)
(8) 3⁄16-inch lag bolts and washers
(4) Thick washers with approximately 1⁄2-inch inner diameter (will vary depending on your bike axles)
Circular saw or miter saw
Hack saw or cut off saw
Step bit
Other common woodworking tools
* You will also need a keezer and dolly to roll your keezer into place to utilize the bierwagen.