Late-Hopped Simcoe Ale (Small Batch)

Six-Pack Late-Hopped Simcoe Ale (Small Batch)

(3 quarts/3 L, extract w/ grains)
OG = 1.064  FG = 1.016
IBU = 64  SRM = 10  ABV = 6.2%

2.0 oz. (60 g) crystal malt (60 °L)
1.0 lb. (0.45 kg) light dried malt extract
4.6 AAU Simcoe hops (15 min.) (0.35 oz./10 g of 13% alpha acids)
2.0 AAU Simcoe hops (5 min.) (0.15 oz./4 g of 13% alpha acids)
0.15 oz. (4 g) Simcoe hops (0 min.)
0.15 oz. (4 g) Simcoe hops (dry hop)
2 g Safale US-05 yeast

Step by Step
Crush or mill crystal malt. Bring 1.0 gallon (3.8 L) of water to 150 °F (66 °C). Steep crystal malt in grain bag at around 150 °F (66 °C) for 30 minutes. Remove bag and bring water to boil.

Once water is boiling, add malt extract and 0.35 oz. (10 g) of Simcoe hop pellets. Ten minutes later, add 0.15 oz. (4 g) Simcoe hop pellets. At the end of the 15-minute boil, turn off the heat and add 0.15 oz. (4 g) of Simcoe hop pellets.

Place kettle into ice bath and stir with a sanitized spoon, moving the kettle in the ice and making sure not to get ice water into wort. Check temperature often with a sanitized thermometer. Remove from ice bath when wort reaches 68 °F (20 °C).

Dry the outside of the kettle with a towel to avoid contamination when pouring. Using a sanitized funnel, pour the wort into sanitized 1-gallon (3.8-L) jug, leaving hops and trub behind. Pitch yeast and aerate. Cap off with sanitized stopper and airlock.

When primary fermentation subsides, add 0.15 oz. (4 g) of Simcoe hop pellets for dry hopping. Three days following, chill fermenter jug in refrigerator for 24 hours to clear beer.

Bottle by siphoning from the primary fermenter into bottles. Add priming sugar to each bottle. Bottle condition, chill and enjoy your six pack!

Issue: July-August 2007

An American Pale Ale, this recipe is for the ultimate short brew day. From flame-on to cleanup is only 90 minutes. Lots of floral, fruity Simcoe flavor and aroma from the 15-minute boil.