Outback Amber Ale

Outback Amber Ale

(5 gallons/19 L, extract with grains)
OG = 1.052  FG = 1.013
IBU = 39  SRM = 7  ABV = 5.0%

3.3 lbs. (1.5 kg) Coopers light malt extract
3 lbs. (1.4 kg) amber dry malt extract
8 oz. (224 g) crystal malt (40 ºL)
2 oz. (56 g) extra dark crystal malt (135–165 ºL)
1/2. oz. (14 g) Chinook hops (60 min.)
1 oz. (28 g) Willamette hops (30 min.)
1 oz. (28 g) Willamette hops (5 min.)
1 tsp. Irish moss (45 min.)
White Labs WLP001 (California Ale) yeast
3/4 cup priming sugar

Step by Step
Fill brew pot with at least 3 gallons (11.4 L) of cold fresh water. Bring water temperature up to 150 ºF (66 ºC). Add steeping grains to a muslin bag. Tie up the end of the bag and add to the brewing pot. Steep grains for 15–20 minutes then remove. Stir in the liquid and dry malt extracts until completely dissolved. Bring the wort to a boil making sure to watch carefully to prevent a boil over. Once a nice gentle rolling boil is achieved, add the first addition of Chinook hops. The total boiling time will be 60 minutes. At 30 minutes into the boil, add the first addition of Willamette Hops. At 45 minutes into the boil, add the Irish Moss.

At 55 minutes into the boil, add the second addition of Willamette Hops. After 60 minutes, turn off stove and remove brewing pot from heat. Remove hops. Cool the wort down as quickly as possible by using a wort chiller or by placing brewing pot into a cold water bath in your sink. Once wort has reached 75–80 ºF (~25 ºC), add it to your fermenter. Top the fermenter up to 5 gallons (19 L) with fresh cold water. Mix well to aerate the wort and add the yeast. Allow the beer to ferment at 65–70 ºF (~19 ºC) until complete (typically 7–10 days) and then either rack to a secondary, keg or bottle the beer. Wait 10–14 days and enjoy your beer!

Issue: January-February 2005

A smooth, easy drinking copper-colored ale with Willamette hops provided a nice floral and herbal character.