Date: April 1997

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American Pale Ale


Brew with a little Yankee ingenuity.

Prevent Contaminated Beer: Tips from the Pros


Brewer:  Mark Matheson Brewery:  Assets Grille & Southwest Brewing Co., Albequerque, N.M. Years of experience:  Four Education:  Bachelor’s degree in fermentation science from University of California, Davis House Beers: Cactus Kölsch, Duke

Pump It Up!


Reduce your chilling time by adding a simple submersible pump to your wort chiller.

Beat Yeast Bite


Yeast bite is one of those homebrewing terms that you hear from time to time accompanied by the stern warning to avoid it in your beer. But ask someone to describe yeast

Great Bread from Spent Grains


Throughout history beer and bread are often mentioned together. In fact it is hard to find a reference to one that does not mention the other. Ancient Egyptian drawings depict the making

Tastes Great! Less Alcohol!


It doesn’t seem to take most homebrewers long before they get to the idea of brewing the world’s biggest beer. After figuring out how many cans of malt extract it will take

Conquer Chill Haze


All good chefs know that the appearance and presentation of food is just as important as the flavor. If a steak is an unappetizing shade of gray, it will seldom be appreciated,

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