Date: April 2000

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How can you prevent a vacuum from forming in an airlock during fermentation?


What happened to your fermenter was due to the relation between gas temperature, volume and pressure. A sealed container will exhibit a decrease in gas pressure if the container is cooled and

Can I use water with ozone in it to sanitize equipment?


When ozone is bubbled through water, the water is said to be “ozonated.” Ozone is a potent oxidizing compound due to its instability and it breaks down according to the following chemistry:

Classic Rauchbier


This is a Bamberg-style reddish lager, sweet and substantial like a Marzen, with the distinctive smokiness of a beechwood fire.

Peat Smoked Wee Heavy


This is a big, rich, malty and strong brew – the smoke, although present, seems restrained compared to all the other flavors.

Vermont Pub and Brewery’s Smoked Porter clone


Vermont Pub & Brewery smokes their own malts over apple, maple, and hickory woodchips to recreate this 17th century style robust ale. You can smoke your own malts, or buy rauchmalt as an alternative.



The original bockbier was a top-fermented dark beer made mostly of wheat. According to some records, bockbiers date as far back as 1250 AD. They were produced in winter and stored in

Hot Tips for Making Great Smoked Beers


From using extract to smoking your own malt, here’s how to do it.

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