Date: December 2012

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The Sacred Corn Beer of the Sierra Madre

Celebrating Sierra Nevada: Brewing Tips & Clone Recipes

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About twelve years ago, I first met Sierra Nevada Brewing Company Founder Ken Grossman at the Northern California Homebrew Festival in Napa, California. Ken was the keynote speaker. His talk began with sharing the mistakes he had made over the years at Sierra Nevada. One of the many stories that surprised me related to when

Brewing Strong Ales

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If you ask 10 different brewers to define “strong ale,” you will likely get 11 different answers. Brewers around the world have always made bigger, stronger ales for special occasions, for blending with weaker ales or to be aged before consumption. As craft brewers have begun pushing the limits of what can be brewed and

Re-Pitching Yeast, Boil Timing, Brewing Lagers: Mr. Wizard

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Q I am tired of buying yeast all the time. is it OK to just repitch the trub from a previous batch? @dangerolsen Via Twitter A Re-pitching of yeast is a normal method used by brewers around the globe. Although the practice is simple, there are a few rules that may make the method less

Sweet Stout: Tips from Pros

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Dark, sweet and full-bodied, sweet stout — also known as milk stout — is a fun beer to add to your Repertoire. in this issue three brewers discuss brewing this winter-friendly style with balance.

Victory Brewing Company: Replicator

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  Dear Replicator, My wife, Jean, and I brew together. My tastes run toward the hop head side and I brew plenty of pale ales and IPAs, but her tastes run toward the malty side and she just loves porters and stouts. Her all-time favorite stout is the Storm King IMPERIAL Stout from the Victory

Jamil’s Sweet Stout

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Jamil’s Sweet Stout (5 gallons/19 L, all-grain) OG = 1.060 (14.8 °P) FG = 1.023 (5.7 °P) IBU = 22  SRM = 41  ABV = 4.9% Ingredients 8.8 lb. (4 kg) Crisp British pale ale malt 14.8 oz. (420 g) lactose sugar (0 °L) 14.1 oz. (400 g) Baird’s black patent malt (525 °L) 10.6 oz.

Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.’s Pale Ale clone


Updated recipe with the latest information gleaned from Sierra Nevada’s website. ‘The’ classic American Pale Ale.

Sweet Stout


The aptly named sweet stout shows a balance between sugary sweetness, hop bitterness and roasted malt flavors.

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