Date: December 2018

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Keg-Conditioning Beer

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Anthony, the short answer to your question is that it depends on when the beer was filled into your keg. In order to answer this question, a bit of background is required, so hang tight for a bit of review. There are many ways to go about managing the fermentation and aging process, but all

Hop Shelf Life

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This is a great question and brings up several things that need to be considered because hops do age when stored, and using hops that are past their prime for brewing is not the best plan for brewing great beer. Let’s start with when hops are harvested and what the date on the package really

Spicing Up Beer: Tips From the Pros

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Spiced beer can be a thing of beauty when done well; but brewers need judicious additions and well-married flavors. We sit down with two professional brewers who know what it takes to make a concept beer turn into reality.

Long Trail Brewing Co.’s Long Trail Ale clone

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Long Trail Ale, which has won multiple awards at GABF, is considered an altbier with several unique twists to it.

Long Trail Brewing Company: Replicator

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Dear Replicator, When I moved from Vermont to California back in 2005, the one beer that I missed right away was Long Trail Ale. It’s a beer that has never been available out here and I still feel nostalgic, for this was my first craft beer “love-affair.” I’ve had it a few times since the

Extract Yourself From All-Grain


The popularity of all-grain brewing has surged in recent years. In this column I’m going to step outside the norm for Beginner’s Block and talk more to the advanced brewers about simplifying

Warszawski Porter Lodowy (Warsaw Baltic Porter)


Here is a recipe for the base beer of Warsaw Baltic Porter from a recipe from the now shut-down Royal Warsaw Brewery, one of the original brewers of the Baltic Porter. The author went on to ice (lodowy) half of the fermented beer to make it a Warszawski Porter Lodowy.

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