Date: December 2021

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Victory Brewing Co.’s DirtWolf clone

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A spectacular double IPA that fuses all the exciting flavors of modern hops in a way that does not focus on any one particular aroma, but rather the symphony of tropical fruits, citrus, pine, and wood.

Victory Brewing Co.’s St. Victorious Doppelbock clone

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A strong lager featuring many malts to add complexity across the palate, St. Victorious Doppelbock takes it a step further by adding a small addition of Beechwood smoked malt, a nod to the Franconian region in and around Bamberg, Germany.

Myth Busting

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Half truths, misunderstood principles, untested theories, and wild guesses often become taken as facts when repeated enough times. You’ll find them on brewing message boards, in literature, and in conversation.
That doesn’t make them true. Let’s bust these myths.

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