Date: January-February 2003

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Abita Brewing Company Turbodog

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Turbodog, one of Abita’s flagship brews, is a dark brown ale with a rich body and a sweet, toffee-like flavor.

Can iodophor be used as a no-rinse sanitizer?

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Iodophor is a very effective sanitizer and, unlike bleach, can safely be used as a no-rinse sanitizer without adversely affecting the flavor of your beer. The recommended concentration of iodophor is 25 parts per million. Most iodophors are diluted so that the typical use rate is somewhere around 0.1 ounce per gallon (7.8 mL per

Bleach to clean and sanitize

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The author of the question about root-beer tainted beer did acknowledge in his question that bleach is a “no-no.” I focused on the root-beer flavor taint and should have commented on that assertion because bleach can have its place in the brewery. Household bleach, or sodium hypochlorite, has a bad reputation primarily because of what

Flavor Maturation Science

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What happens when green flavors go bye-bye and beer ages gracefully.

Fermentation 101 Techniques

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Fermentation made easy: how to run it, what equipment to use and unsticking the stuck.

Brewing Stout: Tips from the Pros

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Some expert advice on developing a well-balanced recipe for smooth stout.

BJ’s Millennium Ale clone

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A big Belgian tripel from a California brewpub originally brewed for Y2K.

Beer Minus Bacteria: Cleaning & Sanitation

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Brewing is all about having fun…but there’s nothing less fun than seeing a good batch of beer ruined by sloppy sanitation. A straightforward guide to cleaning and sanitizing your brewing equipment, plus a clip-and-save chart to help you pick the best products.

Perfect Porter


Porter was born in London in 1722 and for years was the most popular pint in the working-class pubs. After nearly disappearing, the style was brought back in the 1970s and is enjoying a modern-day revival on both sides of the Atlantic. Tips, techniques and step-by-step recipes from Terry Foster, the man who literally wrote the book on porter.

Colonial Ale

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Using a handwritten recipe unearthed at an eighteenth-century Virginia plantation, a homebrewer and archaeologist recreated Mrs. Cary’s Good Ale, a homemade, all-malt beer from a colonial kitchen.

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