Date: January-February 2006

January/February 2006

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Dick’s Brewing Co.’s Bottleworks IPA clone


Since this is a big beer, Dick’s takes it’s time producing Bottleworks IPA. It takes a total of 6 weeks to ferment, clear in the bright tank, mellow, and then Dick’s bottle conditions the beer for another 2 week.

Gruit Ale


Leave the hops in the freezer for this brew session…welcome to the adventurous world of Gruits!

What ingredients produce the nutty flavor in a nut brown ale?


I guess it really depends on the type of nut brown ale you are brewing. I mean if it is a peanut brown ale I would reach for more peanuts and if

When to harvest yeast


  I always harvest and re-use our yeast (like other commercial brewers) and the accepted rule is that yeast should be cropped as soon as possible when its viability and vitality are

Reduce the amount of phenolics in a beer?


You are correct that a yeast strain is the most common cause of phenolic aromas in beer. The classic clovey, phenolic producing yeasts are those used for German-style hefeweizens. These yeasts convert

Becoming a Beer Judge


How to go about getting certified as a BJCP judge.

Balancing your Draft System


Want the correct carbonation and fabulous foam? Then learn how to balance your draft system.

Building Plastic Mini-Kegs: Projects


How to build a fantastic plastic mini-keg for bringing your homebrew to parties.

Calibrating Thermometers


How hot was it? Without calibrating your thermometer, you have no idea. Learn how to use the physical propertes of water to get your thermometers properly adjusted.

Fining Agents: Tips from the Pros


Beer clarity can be improved by adding various fining agents. Two pros discuss their favorite fining agents for making lovely lagers and awesome ales.

Build a Counterflow Wort Chiller


Chill on the cheap by building your own counterflow wort chiller for about forty bucks. With one trip to the hardware store and about an hour of build time, you can be chilling your wort quickly and efficiently with this "cool" project. Plus: A Rundown of Different Chilling Options

Vienna Lager in Exile


Vienna lagers originated in Europe, but were “exiled” to Mexico in the last century. These “little Oktoberfests” are great everyday beers that showcase the flavor of Vienna malt. From Mexican Vienna lagers such as Negra Modelo and Dos Equis Amber to American craftbrewed versions of the style, learn the ingredients and brewing procedures necessary to brew a delicious, malty Vienna lager in your home brewery. Plus: three Vienna lager recipes

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