Date: January-February 2007

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Trub in the secondary fermenter

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Most small cylindroconical tanks have two ports on the bottom; one on the side of the cone and one on the bottom. The upper port is used to rack beer out of the tank above the sediment layer. Some racking ports have a curved arm that can be rotated to change the location of the

Extract for All-Grainers

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Even for all-grain brewers, malt extract has its uses. When making a strong beer or a large volume of beer, malt extract can substitute for mash tun volume (or boil time). Learn the equations to make expedient extract additions.

Build Your Own Water Filter: Projects

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Why spend a dollar a gallon for bottled water?

Brewing American Pilsner

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Is there some style we haven’t covered yet in this column? Hmm….oh, yeah, there is that one that occupies 97% of the shelf space on the beer aisle — American Pilsner.

Brewing with Wheat: Tips from the Pros

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Two pros — Kris Kalav (Minhas Craft Brewery) and Matt Brophy (Flying Dog Brewery) — give their tips for brewing with that glutenous grain, wheat.

Build Your Own Spunding Valve to Carbonate in the Keg


With this homemade spunding valve you can naturally carbonate your homebrew by capturing the carbon dioxide produced late in fermenation just like many pros do on the commercial side.

Rebuilding Kegs

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From Sloppy With Syrup to Shiny and Sanitized

Flanders Red Ale


Flanders red ales are reddish sour beers aged in oak. With a little technique and a lot of time, you can brew the "Burgundy of Belgium" in your homebrewery. Plus: Four recipes from four homebrewers.

Yeast Strains for Belgian Strong Ales


Yeast strains play a defining role in shaping the character of Belgian beers. Learn how to select the right yeast strain and take control of your fermentation by varying your pitching rate, aeration level and fermentation temperature when brewing Belgian strong golden ales, trpels, dubbels and others.

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